Bringing Back Slot Tournaments at Kiowa Casino Properties

May 17, 2024

What is a slot tournament?

At a classic Kiowa Casino tournament, guests compete against each other by accumulating the most points during a 90-second slot play session to win large cash and freeplay prizes.  Participants usually draw for their randomly assigned slot machine and are given an unlimited amount of spins for the allotted time. It is unnecessary to put money in the slots. Participants win points by winning on the reels. The more spins completed, the higher the chance of getting a winning total score. The total scores from each participant will be taken to determine the overall tournament winners.

How does a slot tournament work?

Invited participants will be assigned their session times as they sign up with their host, rewards, or a marketing team member. At the tournament, players will show up at their assigned session time and register. To make registration easier, it is recommended each participant bring their rewards club card and a valid ID. They will then be escorted to their assigned seat in the slot tournament area, where instructions will be given by the emcee (usually Mr. Moneybags or a casino host). Once the session has begun, all players will begin hitting the bet button on the machine and play for the duration of the round until instructed to stop. Players will accumulate points by hitting winning combinations on their slot machine. At the end of the session, a team member will come by to record each participant’s score. After tournament play, participants are encouraged to stay and play until winners are announced on the casino floor after all sessions are completed.

How do I get invited to a slot tournament?

Slot tournaments are reserved for invited Kiowa Casino Rewards club members only. To become a rewards club member, simply sign up for a free Kiowa Casino Rewards Club card at our player’s club. Tournament invites are sent prior to the event via mail and email to guests who qualify based on their gaming activity. The criteria for receiving event invites vary based on the event.

Does it cost money to participate in a slot tournament?

No, you do not need to put any money in the machines or buy in to be in most of our tournaments.

How much can I win?

Prize structures can vary per tournament. Depending on the tournament, prizes could range from freeplay to $10,000+ cash! Each tournament’s prize structure can be seen in the rules side of the event poster that will be present during events.

How often does Kiowa host tournaments?

Kiowa Casino properties host slot tournaments approximately once every 2-3 months.

Kiowa Casino & Hotel is located 15 minutes north of Wichita Falls, Texas, off I-44 Exit 1.

To learn more about Kiowa Casino & Hotel, call 1-866-370-4077.

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